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>> Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nick comments on "leaving IVF clinic in San Diego"

The media is classic! They just make stories up out of thin air. These sites are saying that yesterday, on Easter, the photos above were of me and my wife coming out of some clinic. Clearly these photos aren’t at a clinic. What is even funnier, is that these pictures are from my Aunt’s house in San Diego! (So now my aunt is delivering babies at the crib?) LOL

In the photos you can see my Grandfather in his Pimp Hat, my mom and aunt in the background. This is a residential neighborhood, hence the driveway, the lawn and light fixtures. If they were going to make this story up, the least they should have done was find some pictures of us coming out of an office building. As my wife has said on her twitter, she has recently been visiting the dentist. So if the photographers where smart they would’ve taken some photos of her coming out of the dentist’s office. Then maybe this story would’ve been more believable.LOL!

The media should just relax. Yes, we want to have children. Yes, we will have children one day. I am speaking it into existence! When it happens, we will tell you all. We promise! Just out of pure respect to all women in general, it is a rule that you never assume or ask a woman if she is pregnant. So can you all please give my wife that respect? When she is ready to tell the world she is having a baby she will.

I understand babies are exciting and everyone wants the scoop. I don’t have a problem with people speculating but when people just start assuming things and making stuff up it just really destroys their credibility. Not that most of these tabloids care about credibility, but who goes around just lying for no reason? And then you have wannabe journalist like this “so-called” chick Natasha, (She’s probably a grown ass man that is a 6 foot 8 offensive lineman for the Jacksonville Jaguars)LOL! from with all her sideways commentary on the story she stole from another site. Doesn’t she have anything better to do or at least the creativity to make up her own story? If anyone has a picture of this Natasha please email it to me, so I can put her on the HaterWatch list LOL.

Below is the Gossipgirl entry and I even heard that Usweekly purchased these pictures to run in their magazine on thursday. I suggest they place them on the ‘Stars are just like us” page. The caption can read. “They worship the resurrection of Christ over soul food with their family and bright ghetto matching outfits just like most black folks” LOL!


Mariah Carey's Rock Remake?

Mariah Carey is into covering the rock classics -- not always for the better. Several years ago, on her "Glitter" album, Carey did a ballad-esque version of Def Leppard's "Bringing on the Heartache," to tepid reviews. Now, she's revived Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is" -- slated as a potential single for her album due out later this year. Mariah beat out Marc Anthony, who was also hoping to sing the love anthem.

New York Post


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