Mariah and Nick Get Ready for Twins' Arrival

>> Sunday, January 30, 2011

In an exclusive interview with Nick Cannon Saturday, the America's Got Talent host spoke to about becoming a new dad, life with wife Mariah Carey and his special Valentine's Day plans.

"I'm extremely excited about bringing new life into the world," Cannon told us as he emceed Kellogg's Crunchy Nut cereal's U.S. launch. "It's a journey every single day. It's something new. I'm nervous. I'm excited. We're just taking it one day at a time."

Cannon, 30, who married 40-year-old diva-extraordinaire Mariah on April 30, 2008, had nothing but praise for his pregnant wife.

"She's holding up beautifully. To see this strength! It's a different type of strength to carry around two babies," Cannon says. "She's not even concerned with her aches and pains which I'm sure are great. She's so nurturing right now. It's wonderful. It's amazing to see."

And don't expect Mariah to be carrying around baby weight after she's given birth! Cannon shares with us Mariah's cooking secret that curbs her pregnancy cravings.

"I think she's figured out brilliantly that when she craves stuff she doesn't necessarily have to eat it," Cannon says. "When she cooks, she cooks everything from scratch and then the cravings go away. So I get stuck with eating all the food. I'll be gaining weight during this pregnancy."

The always jovial Cannon was mum when asked the sex of the twins and what he and Mariah plan on naming them. But he did dish some details on what he and Mimi have bought for the twins' room.

"Last night we went nursery and furniture shopping," he told us. "They're going to have a very interesting layout. We picked a lot of colors and one of the main colors is green."

And as Valentine's Day approaches, Cannon says he's got something special planned for Mariah.

"I'm a hopeless romantic so Valentine's Day is very important to me," the actor says. "I'm going to bring Valentine's Day to my wife. I'll probably Valentine's the house out. We're gonna put balloons, flowers, all of that stuff everywhere."



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