Update: New "Mariah Carey" BMI-Registered Songs

>> Thursday, February 24, 2011

We received a confirmation that Mariah is NOT, in any way, affiliated with the songs registered on BMI by a certain William Edmund Young. Since this is the case, we have decided to remove our earlier posts to avoid further confusion.

One may wonder how a reputable entity as BMI can get infiltrated by unscrupulous people wanting the dire attention, but it can happen. It happened. We learned from BMI's AVP of Corporate Communications Hanna Pantle, "Anyone can join BMI, it's free. After you join you can register your works." A certain William Edmund Young took advantage of the free membership and registered many songs including 9 (to date) bearing the name Mariah Carey as a co-writer. One registered song even has the title "Save The Day," a confirmed title of a Mariah-Jermaine Dupri collaborated charity song. According to Hanna, "we are investigating this and hope to have some news later this week."

Meanwhile, some real and exciting news today from Mariah herself on Twitter! "I start writing for my new album this week-but its just the beginning..: )"


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