Malaysia Airlines lets you see where your friends are sitting

>> Friday, March 4, 2011

Malaysia Airlines has launched a new Facebook app allowing users to see if a friend is travelling on their flight, and even locate which seat they are in.

Facebook users downloading the MHBuddy app will be able to book flights with the airline directly through Facebook, from any country in the world. The carrier is not the first to introduce such functionality, but Malaysia Airlines has gone several stages further by integrating the booking process within the user’s Facebook profile.

As the booking is made the user is reminded which of their friends live in the city they are flying to, and are also informed of any friends who are planning to visit the destination at the same time as them.

Users can then also check in using the Facebook app, and at this stage they are shown any seats which have been selected by friends who are on the same flight, allowing them to choose a nearby seat.

Technological genius or potential in-flight nightmare? You decide.

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Report by Mark Caswell


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