Case Closed on Mariah's 'Guinness' Controversy

>> Sunday, May 29, 2011

The investigation into allegations that Mariah Carey was drinking alcohol in the hospital following the recent birth of her twins has been closed, her rep confirmed to CNN.

"Disturbing that an anonymous caller would call child protective services but they legally have to follow up," said Carey's spokesperson, Cindi Berger. "What an utter waste of tax payers dollars. Yes, the case is closed."

Carey's husband Nick Cannon said earlier that the complaint to the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services may have been triggered by a nurse's suggestion that a small amount of dark beer could help Carey's breastfeeding. A social worker later visited Carey in the hospital.

Cannon told CNN's Piers Morgan that he believed the incident was the result of a scammer trying to sell a story to tabloids.

"I guess someone maybe overheard that (suggestion), and this is a good way to make a quick buck, or call the tabloids," he said. "It's kind of sad that people think that we'll make money off of these newborns."



Mariah Carey's US album sales (via Soundscan)

>> Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mariah Carey - 4,850,910
Emotions - 3,590,874
MTV Unplugged - 2,769,151
Music Box - 7,210,536
Merry Christmas - 5,123,017
Daydream - 7,579,664
Butterfly - 3,763,428
#1's - 3,754,091
Rainbow - 2,957,278
Glitter - 647,085
Charmbracelet - 1,157,206
The Emancipation of Mimi - 5,953,333
E=MC2 - 1,279,388
Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel - 523,446
Merry Christmas 2 You - 436,935

Note: Soundscan only counts ACTUAL sales in-store (since March of 1991 - hence the incomplete total for "Mariah Carey"), record club sales are not included in these figures.


MASwings Set To Fly To Brunei, Pontianak Soon

>> Friday, May 27, 2011

KOTA KINABALU, May 25 (Bernama) -- MASwings, which currently operates within Sabah and Sarawak, is expected to commence flights to Brunei and Pontianak, Indonesia, soon.

Its managing director, Datuk Capt Mohd Nawawi Awang, said MASwings had already submitted the proposal to the Transport Ministry for approval.

"Based on the positive response from the ministry, I'm quite confident that the flights from Kota Kinabalu to Brunei and from Kuching to Pontianak (West Kalimantan) will take off on July 1 or in July," he said during a luncheon with the media here today.

He said if these flights were successful, MASwings planned to introduce flights from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau and Tarakan (East Kalimanan) and also from Kuching to Mulu and Brunei in October.

"Plans are also in the pipeline for other destinations within BIMP-EAGA region and we hope to provide flight services from Sabah and Sarawak to major cities such as Palawan and Mindanao in Southern Philippines as well as Manado in Sulawesi, Indonesia, in the future," he said.

BIMP-EAGA stands for Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA), a subregional economic cooperation initiative in Southeast Asia.

Mohd Nawawi said MASwings was aware of the need to improve air connectivity within this region as it was constantly discussed among leaders of the BIMP-EAGA member countries at meetings of the grouping.

Apart from that, he said MASwings would also explore the possibility of embarking on international flights from Sabah and Sarawak with immediate focus being on the Kota Kinabalu-Kuala Lumpur and Kuching-Kuala Lumpur sectors.

"These are some of our future plans and we hope we will be able to make it a reality," he said.

On its domestic service, Mohd Nawawi said MASwings would continue its service to rural destinations for the benefit of the people in Sabah and Sarawak.

"We want MASwings to be the icon for Sabah and Sarawak.

"That's why 90 per cent of the almost 1,300 staff of MASwings are locals from Sabah and Sarawak. We operate in Sabah and Sarawak, and it's only fair that we recruit more locals to work for MASwings," he said.


MAS Suffers Pre-Tax Loss Of RM238.25 Million In Q1

>> Thursday, May 26, 2011

PETALING JAYA, May 25 (Bernama) -- Fuel hike and a stronger ringgit led the national carrier, Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAS) to post a pre-tax loss of RM238.25 million for the first quarter ended March 31, 2011 compared with a pre-tax profit of RM320.25 million chalked up in the corresponding period last year.

Revenue decreased to RM3.19 billion, during the period under review, from RM3.30 billion, previously.

"Passenger revenue growth, outstripped by the steep increase in fuel prices and the strengthening ringgit, impacted Malaysia Airlines' first quarter performance for this year," Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Tengku Datuk Seri Azmil Zahruddin said.

He said operationally, in comparison for the same quarter for 2010, the national carrier recorded marked improvement in key aspects of its core business, with a 10 per cent increase in traffic, leading to an improved passenger load factor of 76 per cent.

"This has resulted in an overall 10 per cent increase in passenger revenue and includes a significant positive contribution from the high-end business, which registered a revenue increase of 40 per cent," he added.

The non-fuel unit cost downtrend was rigorously maintained and a reduction of six per cent, over first quarter 2010, was recorded for this period.

Media Release

Bursa Announcement


AirAsia post strong 1Q 2011 performance despite high fuel prices

>> Wednesday, May 25, 2011

1Q11 By the Numbers:

Revenue: RM 1.05 Billion (up 20% y-o-y)
Operating Profit : RM 241.72 Million (up 46% y-o-y)
Operating Profit Margin : 23% (up 3 ppt)
Revenue / ASK : 16.44 sen (up 12% y-o-y)
Cash Balance: RM 1.8 Billion
Ancillary Income per pax: RM 50 (up 31% y-o-y)
Net Gearing Ratio: 1.57 (reduce from 2.25 y-o-y)

LOW COST TERMINAL, SEPANG, 24 May 2011 – AirAsia Berhad (“AirAsia” or “the Company”) recorded a growth in operating profit in 1Q11, in what Group CEO Tony Fernandes hailed as “excellent despite high fuel prices.”

“What is particularly significant for us is that our operating profit margins were also significantly higher year-on-year, demonstrating that we are maintaining tight control of costs even as we grow revenues. Yes, fuel prices shot up – but that is something beyond our control. Our response is not to wring our hands and moan, but to use our creativity to address the issue and find ways to overcome this challenge. And our Q1 results indicate that we are on the right path,” said Fernandes.

He added: “We maintained our strong load factor at 80%; we increased our RASK by 12% y-o-y; we grew our EBITDAR margins by 3 percentage points to 38% year-on-year; and we increased our cash balance to RM1.8 billion.” The company saw a decline in profit after tax of 23%, largely due to lower unrealised foreign exchange gains in this quarter

In terms of actual numbers for the Group, Q1 2011 registered revenue of RM 1.05 billion; Profit After Tax of RM 171.93 million; load factor of 80% (up from 74% y-o-y); Revenue/ASK up 12% (y-o-y) for MAA, up 13% for TAA and 10% for IAA. EBITDAR margins for MAA, TAA and IAA rose to 38%, 22% and 37% y-o-y, respectively.

Fernandes said that a deliberate “load active” strategy meant that while average fares declined, the payoff came in the form of higher passenger load factors of 80%, up 17% y-o-y. “At AirAsia, our focus is on keeping operating costs the lowest in the industry, and on growing ancillary income. Thus, we are not as dependent on our fares as others are. The strategy is to increase passenger loads, and monetize this increase. This helped us push RASK for MAA by 12%. Our unit revenue is up 2%, showing that our strategy is working and this proves that AirAsia has a very robust operating model,” he said.

On ancillary, Fernandes said that every RM spent per passenger helps offset approximately USD 1 per barrel increase. “We have raised our ancillary charges on certain products and that has been able to offset much of the pressures on margins. Our ancillary revenue per pax is up in all three operations: MAA at RM 50 per pax ( up 31% from RM38 y-o-y); TAA at THB 368 per pax (up 34% from THB 274 y-o-y); IAA at IDR 152,052 per pax (up 57% from IDR 96,666).”

He said that ancillary income will continue to be the catalyst for AirAsia to grow further, especially with a lot of exciting initiatives announced in Q1 2011, such as the AirAsia and Expedia joint venture. “We are focused on growing our ancillary income and explore any opportunities to further monetize these businesses so AirAsia can ride on its upside benefits”.

Fernandes also highlighted the first quarter performances of TAA and IAA. On TAA, Fernandes said TAA performance was strong as they weathered the difficult 1Q11 by generating THB 4,086 million, recording a growth of 33% year-on-year; Profit after tax was also up 30%. This 1Q11 was contributed a lot by a seasonally strong first quarter especially with a 23% growth in passengers carried and together with the newly introduced Indian routes performing well. TAA also took delivery of one new Airbus A320 in their current fleet which consists of 20 in total.

As for IAA, the affiliate posted a good 38% rise in revenue of IDR 774,846 million, with ancillary revenue continuing to grow by 57%. Load factor was at 79% (up from 72% y-o-y). This performance can be supported with the Profit before tax of IDR31,943 million which rose 588% year-on-year. They have also managed to increase their average fares by 12% as they ramp up going to their traditionally strongest 2nd and 3rd quarters. Indonesia also took two new deliveries of the Airbus A320 in 1st quarter which brings their total fleet to 20 aircraft in operation.


On the outlook for the rest of 2011, Fernandes emphasized the Group’s laser-like focus on keeping costs down. “This is what ultimately helps us to offer the low fares that we do,” he said. With the fuel surcharges helping defray some of the rising cost of fuel, there is also a determined effort throughout the Group “in pushing load factors higher on key profitable routes and capturing further market share from competitors,” he said.

“We are still anticipating the launch of our AirAsia Philippines in the second half and I am just excited on the progress to get this venture started. We are also re-looking into Vietnam and hopefully an exciting announcement will follow suit soon. These moves will further strengthen our presence in the ASEAN skies,” Fernandes said.

On fuel hedges, Fernandes said the Group had hedged approximately 17% of its fuel requirements for the second half so far for this year. “We are monitoring oil prices very closely and the moment we perceive an opportunity, we will not hesitate to add to our hedges,” he said.

Fernandes also acknowledged that the company has recently rewarded its loyal shareholders with its maiden dividend payout on 3 cents per ordinary share. This is in line with company’s vision to give back to shareholders for their support since the company’s listing and anticipate to be in a better position in the near term to reward more.


Billboard Mention

>> Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top 20 Hot 100 Songwriters, 2000-Present

Song With Most Weeks At No. 1:
"We Belong Together," Mariah Carey

Jermaine Dupri burst onto the Hot 100 as a songwriter thanks to his smash hit "Jump" for Kris Kross in 1992, which spent eight weeks lodged at No. 1. He continued his smash success in the '90s, and since 2000 has helped pen everything from Usher's "U Got It Bad" (No. 1; 2001), Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" (No. 1; 2005), Nelly's "Grillz" (No. 1, 2006). Most recently, he helped write longtime collaborator Mariah Carey's holiday hit "Oh Santa!," which hit the list in early January.



MH Enrich Give Free Extra Bonus Miles

>> Monday, May 23, 2011

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Thanks Malaysia Airline MH :


Aerobridge pintu A2 runtuh

>> Sunday, May 22, 2011

PUTRAJAYA: Satu daripada ‘aerobridge’ yang menjadi laluan penghubung memasuki pesawat di Pintu A2, Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (KLIA), Sepang, dekat sini runtuh, semalam.

Pengurus Besar Kanan (Operasi) Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad (MAHB), Datuk Azmi Murad berkata, kejadian berlaku kira-kira jam 5.55 petang ketika ‘aerobrige’ terbabit sedang diselenggara.

“Akibat kejadian itu, dua daripada tiga sambungan aerobridge di Pintu A2 terjatuh dan rosak teruk.

“Bagaimanapun, tiada kemalangan jiwa dilaporkan kerana aerobridge itu sudah ditutup sejak jam 3 petang untuk kerja penyelenggaraan biasa.

“Kami masih menyiasat kejadian itu untuk mengetahui punca dan jumlah kerugian sebenar,” katanya ketika dihubungi, di sini, malam tadi.

Berikutan itu Azmi meminta supaya orang ramai tidak panik kerana kerosakan aerobridge di Pintu A2 itu tidak menjejaskan operasi dan jadual penerbangan di KLIA.



Aerobridge stretch near KLIA collapses

SEPANG: An aerobridge collapsed at a stretch between the Kuala Lumpur Internatio­nal Airport terminal and the satellite building during regular maintenance work.

No one was injured while flights were not affected by the 6pm incident yesterday, said Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAB) senior general manager for operations Datuk Azmi Murad.

“We are investigating the incident,” Azmi said, adding that the aerobridge at gate A2 had been closed for maintenance work to be carried out, which started at 3pm.

Azmi said the incident happened during the replacement of the aerobridge’s tunnel roller.

“There will be no shortage of parking bays for the airlines due to the temporary closure of gate A2,” he added.



Mariah's Twins' Birth Certificates

>> Friday, May 20, 2011

Check out copies of the birth certificates of Moroccan and Monroe, the twins of Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon. The singer gave birth on April 30 via Caesarean section - her son and daughter arrived promptly at 9:07 a.m.


Photos: Mariah Leaving the Hospital

>> Thursday, May 19, 2011

Below are photos of Mariah and Nick leaving the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles with their twins on Saturday, May 14, 2011.

First Photo of Mariah After Giving Birth

Last night's The Insider showed an exclusive photo of Mariah and husband Nick Cannon with their twin babies Moroccan & Monroe leaving the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, where the twins were delivered, on Saturday, May 14, 2011.


Nick Talks Mariah, Twins in NY Post Interview

>> Monday, May 16, 2011

Mr. Mariah Carey talks twins, tattoos and making the wife laugh

So what if he's married to one of the most famous, five-octave-range-singing, Hello Kitty-loving superstar artists on the planet? For comedian Nick Cannon, 30, being Mariah Carey's baby daddy means keeping it real.

We got him to dish on his own day-to-day craziness.

New York Post: Holy cow, Nick – twins! Are you exhausted?
Nick Cannon:
Nah, I don't get tired (laughs).

You guys described the birthing process as an "I Love Lucy" episode – including how you got lost on your way to the maternity ward. What went down?
You know how we guys don't like to take directions. We'd been to the hospital a couple of times before and I was like, "I know where I'm going." I was trying to be Super Dad, carrying all the bags, and I went in through the wrong entrance. The hospital is hard to navigate – it's a big place!

Before the big day, you tweeted about being afraid you'd faint in the delivery room. Did you keep cool?
Yeah, I had the camera, so that helped me maintain my emotions. There was definitely a lot of blood, and I don't really like hospitals that much, but I was just like, "Focus on the camera."

What makes Mariah laugh?
Being silly. My characters. She actually loves talking in characters and stuff. We're always around the house talking in different accents.

Have you gotten any crazy baby gifts from celebrity friends?
Sharon and Ozzy [Osbourne] bought us this life-sized stuffed giraffe. And some Gothic thrones for the babies. That was a little... different.

You've already got "Mariah" tattooed across your entire back – will you get "Monroe" and "Moroccan" tattoos?
I don't know. I think I might be tattooed out. I was the person who said I would never get tattoos. So even to have that on my back is a big ordeal.

You recently gave out your real home phone number on your New York morning radio show. What were you thinking?
Well, luckily, we have more than one line, so now the line in the kitchen is designated for people to leave messages.

Have people been calling?
Oh, like crazy. It's mostly people calling to tell my wife how great she is, or to sing for her. The people who call to tell me how much they love my radio show are few and far between. One dude called and blatantly just said, "Hey, I need $5,000." You gotta respect that – he came out and asked for what he wanted.


Mariah Working on New Album

>> Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nick Cannon is still recovering from the adrenaline rush of welcoming twins with wife Mariah Carey, but the actor/comedian/rapper is staying busy with a new stand-up special and forthcoming musical album, while Carey is working on a new full-length of her own.

"She's planning on having a record out this year," says Cannon of Carey, who gave birth to Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe Cannon on April 30. According to Cannon, Carey completed a good amount of recording a few months ago during her pregnancy. "She's been working away, and we have a studio in the crib, and [the pregnancy] has totally inspired her on so many different levels. You're definitely gonna see some new phenomenal music from Mariah."



Nick Talks About Newborn Twins

>> Saturday, May 14, 2011

EW talked to Nick Cannon about his first stand-up special, his wife Mariah Carey, and the pair's recently born twins, Moroccan and Monroe. Excerpts from the interview are below.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Now that you are a father, you're probably getting great material from the twins.
Yeah I got tons of jokes already. Ready to hit the stage ASAP.

How is it being a father?
Ah, man, it's amazing. It's surreal. Probably the most beautiful thing that's ever happened to me is to be able to have a family and to be able to just live in that moment as long as you possibly can.

The names Moroccan and Monroe have gotten a lot of attention. Did you two anticipate that?
I had no idea it was gonna get that much attention. We don't sit around and like calculate what we're gonna do. These are things that we really feel. We're creative and eccentric people, so clearly a lot of people are gonna have opinions about the deicisions we make. But we don't really care at the end of the day. They're meaningful names to us and they're special to us. I guess that's the purpose of having a name: for people to take notice. So we're off to a good start.

Who do they look most like?
A lot of people [say] they look like me. It's funny, we have our own baby pictures in the room, and we're like holding them to the baby and like, "Wel l, he kinda has your head and my eyes." I would say it's a mixture of both right now.



Mariah in Wedding Dress Hours After Giving Birth

The world already knew Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon had renewed their vows on their anniversary, as they have every year since marrying in 2008. This was, of course, despite her giving birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe just hours before. But in our discussion with Cannon about his upcoming Showtime comedy special, Mr. Showbiz, he revealed that it was a ceremony complete with proper attire.

"We thought we probably weren't going to be able to do it, especially since my wife gave birth on our anniversary," Cannon tells "But she's a champ, man; she's superwoman. She pulled it off: Hours after giving birth she was in a wedding dress and a veil, exchanging vows. Not only do our children share a birthday, but we all share a day together. It's like Cannon Family Day. We're starting our own holiday. "

He also filled in details of playing Carey's music during her childbirth on April 30: "I was DJing her music. Our kids were born to her Fantasy performance at Madison Square Garden, so there was a big round of applause as the kids came out. She timed it that way."

She also continues to stay with the twins in a Los Angeles hospital since they're remain in the neonatal intensive-care unit, though Nick expects them to be home "Sunday/Monday-ish." In the meantime, they've taken over an entire wing of the undisclosed hospital. "I don't know how the hospital feels about that," he admits. "We got security standing at the elevator. It's crazy."



Nick's First Mother's Day Gift for Mariah

>> Friday, May 13, 2011

New mom Mariah Carey didn't have to wait long to celebrate her first Mother's Day. Just days after welcoming twins Monroe and Moroccan on April 30, the singer toasted her new life as a mom with a very special present from Nick Cannon: a 4-carat diamond and sapphire necklace from Jason of Beverly Hills.

"Nick was really excited about the babies' names and wanted to do a piece with them for Mariah's first Mother's Day," jeweler Jason Arasheben explains. "Pink sapphires are bright and bold and diamonds are always so classic."

The sparkling piece, which also incorporates 14-karat white and rose gold, is valued at $12,000. Cannon, a longtime customer of Jason, was excited about his big surprise. "Nick came in and met with Jason on the Friday after his twins were born," a source tells People. "He was bleary eyed, looking so tired but so happy — all smiles, saying he wanted to design something special for Mariah's first Mother's day. He couldn't want to surprise her on Sunday."



Nick Talks Marriage to Mariah, the Twins

>> Thursday, May 12, 2011

TV Squad caught up with Nick Cannon to talk about life with Mariah, the controversy surrounding their new bundles of joy, his first comedy special 'Mr. Showbiz' (premieres Saturday, May 14, 9PM on Showtime), and the next season of 'America's Got Talent.'

AOL TV: Congratulations on the babies -- I feel like Mariah's been pregnant forever.
Nick Cannon:
That bums me out! Like everybody thinks she was pregnant for a long time. Why do people think that?

Well there's been so much excitement!
She made the announcement in November, and it's May now -- that's not even nine months!

We are not patient people. [Laughs] You chose two very unique names -- Monroe and Moroccan -- how did you guys pick them?
Yeah, I heard the names have been causing quite the controversy as well. [Laughs] It's funny, I always say we had our names picked out very early on -- we picked one of the names like the first date that we had. But it's kind of weird that they stayed the same. Monroe, obviously, my wife has always been inspired by Marilyn Monroe ... she bought her priceless piano and all that stuff. And I just like the idea that is was more than just naming our daughter Marilyn. I think that would've been a little too cliché. Monroe is a very strong name -- it sounds really elegant.

And then Moroccan was kind of more my pick. When you think about Moroccan, it's kind of both of our names together -- Mariah and Nick together. And I always like the name Rock. Rock Cannon. It sounded like a strong name. We also have Moroccan rooms in our houses in L.A. and in New York. I've always thought that was kind of cool ... I actually proposed to my wife in the Moroccan room in New York, so it has a lot of symbolism. We like it a lot.

I love that. Also with twins, realistically you could be done having kids now ...
Yeah, I think we are if you ask my wife. [Laughs] I keep threatening her with getting her pregnant again, and she doesn't like it. She doesn't think that's funny. I heard women are their most fertile after they have children ... [Laughs]

Well your style on stage is very fast -- you get in there, get a laugh and move on. What do you think are the funniest topics you hit on in this special?
Obviously being married to Mariah Carey. That's the hilarious topic I touch on. Everything from Kanye West to Eminem, the N-word, all that stuff. There are a few controversial things, but everything's done with a light heart.

Well you definitely aren't afraid to get personal. Does Mariah ever get mad when you share stuff like that?
Not really. I mean, she has the greatest sense of humor ever, and she knows that I'll say anything -- I don't really care. I speak my mind, and I think that's what she loves about me. As much as I can be annoying at times, I think my authenticity is appreciated.

I mean, you compare your relationship with Mariah to being like Halle Berry with Soulja Boy! At least in people's minds.
[Laughs] It is! If you think about it, some people probably see it like that. I hold my wife up high on a pedestal, and sometimes I don't give myself enough credit, so I can see how people would take it like that.



Mariah's Twins Out Of Intensive Care?

Mariah Carey's twins Moroccan and Monroe are OUT of neonatal intensive care and have been removed from oxygen, X17online can report exclusively.

A source tells us the twins, born ten days ago (April 30), were kept in the NICU unit 'round-the-clock until just days ago when they were allowed to make visits to their mother's private room at the Santa Monica hospital, with oxygen tanks in tow.

Our source says mom and babies are doing well, "Nick is here all the time and he seems so relieved the babies are out of ICU. There's more movement in and out of Mariah's room now so it seems like they'll be packing up to go home shortly."

Hope the nursery's ready!

Nick Cannon hasn't been so busy with the babies that he hasn't had time to do good for others ... the new dad has teamed up with Feeding America, the National Association of Letter Carriers and Campbell Soup Company for their annual "Stamp Out Hunger" campaign -- the nation's largest single-day food drive scheduled for Saturday, May 14.



Mariah on X-Factor

>> Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Simon Cowell on Sunday didn't rule out the possibility of working with Mariah Carey in the near future.

"Whatever Mariah wants, Mariah gets," Cowell said of the singer, who gave birth to twins with husband Nick Cannon on April 30.

"All she has to do is call me, and I'll work out a deal," he added. "I think she'll have a presence on one of my shows."

On Sunday, Paula Abdul officially joined Antonio "L.A." Reid and Cheryl Cole on the X Factor judging panel. Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones are set to host.



MDJ Featured Fan: Ambrose and his Mariah Comic Strip

>> Monday, May 9, 2011

Webcomic artist and avid Mariah Carey fan Ambrose Quintanilla IV has created this special comic strip to celebrate his favorite singer's twin arrival.

You can also view this comic and his other work at under the In Your Face! section. If you dig his Mariah comic strip, give it a "Like" and leave your feedback.


Official: 15 bodies recovered from plane crash in Indonesia

>> Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN) -- Fifteen bodies were recovered Saturday from the wreckage of an airplane that crashed into the ocean while preparing to land in the Indonesian province of West Papua, officials said.

Rescuers were searching for survivors of the Merpati Nusantara Airlines crash just off the coast of Kaimana, said Bambang Ervan, a spokesman for the Indonesian transportation ministry.

There were 21 passengers and six crew members aboard the plane, a turbo-propeller MA60, he said.

Ervan could not immediately confirm any casualties, though a Kaimana Airport ticket agent told CNN that at least 15 bodies have been recovered.

The agent, identified as Polly H., said there were children among the casualties, though she could not say how many.

Among the passengers on the flight were 18 adults, two children and one infant, Ervan said.

Search and rescue teams were still searching the waters off Kaimana for survivors, the ticket agent said.

The plane crashed shortly before 2 p.m. local time. The cause of the crash was under investigation, Ervan said.

Merpati, a cash-strapped state-owned airline with an aging fleet, flies many of the more remote routes in Indonesia.

In 2010, a Merpati airplane overshot the runway at the Rendai airport in Manokwari, West Papua, injuring 78 people.

A year earlier, two Merpati planes crashed within two months of each other in Papua.

The first occurred in July 2009 when a Merpati flight lost its front wheels as it took of from Biak. A month later, another flight -- a Twin Otter aircraft -- crashed, killing 16 people on board.

Indonesia has made efforts in recent years to improve its safety record.

CNN's Kathy Quiano contributed to this report.



Photos: Mariah & Nick Leave for Hospital

>> Saturday, May 7, 2011

Below are photos of Mariah, Nick and Nick's mom Beth leaving the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, CA on Thursday, April 28, 2011.



Mariah and Nick Reveal Baby Names

>> Friday, May 6, 2011

Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon have finally revealed the names of their twins who were born in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Their son is named Moroccan Scott Cannon. Scott is Nick's middle name, as well as his grandmother's maiden name.

The top tier of Mariah's New York City apartment is called the Moroccan Room, because of the Moroccan-inspired decor. It's also the place where Nick proposed to his wife, overlooking Manhattan!

Their daughter's name is Monroe Cannon. Mariah's rep says she does not have a middle name because Mariah herself does not have one. Monroe was named after Marilyn Monroe, who has been an inspiration to Mariah her whole life.

In fact, Mariah purchased the Hollywood icon's white piano from Christie's auction house and it is in Mariah's will that the piano will one day go to the Smithsonian.

Mariah's rep, Cindi Berger, tells CNN, "It has been a long, emotional journey for this family, and I couldn't be happier for all of them."



Mariah in OK! Magazine

>> Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Twins Are Here!
Mariah and Nick welcomed a son and daughter

The arrival of their twins on their third wedding anniversary on April 30 was not planned by Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, but it was a welcome surprise. "My wife just gave me the most incredible anniversary gift ever in life!" Nick tweeted just hours after the big event, joking, "I won't ever be able to top this!"

The happy couple celebrated with Champagne, music and an extra-special renewal of their vows. "Mariah was actually very calm for the birth," reveals an insider. "She had music during it — Nick created a special playlist with her favorite songs."

As they did last year, Mariah and Nick renewed their wedding vows with Reverend Al Sharpton presiding in the hospital and adding in a special blessing for their newborn boy and girl. "Mariah looks GREAT, and the babies are beautiful," Sharpton tweeted.

It's a particularly sweet time for Mariah and Nick who finally have everything they're ever longed for in life. "They are so incredibly grateful for these children, they truly see them as a gift from God," says a friend. "It was such a long road to this moment."

At the hospital, the new parents' moods have gone from ecstatic to jubilant. "Mariah needs to rest, but she's just so incredibly overjoyed, it's been hard. And Nick is just over-the-top excited. He's been videotaping every moment, and actually, he's been the one shedding most of the tears — it's been an emotional time for both of them."


Trainee pilots in the cockpits with Jetstar's domestic flights

Jetstar flights flown by part- time trainee pilots

Cadets pay airline $10,500 a year for training

JETSTAR passenger services are being flown by trainee pilots with as little as 200 hours experience, according to the pilots' association.

The cadets are employed on part-time contracts which guarantee just $57,600 a year - with no pay rise for six years - and require them to pay the airline $10,500 a year for on-the-job training costs.

If they wish to resign after less than six years with Jetstar, their contracts require they pay up to $10,000.
Trainees under the program are currently co-piloting Airbus A320s between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Most are unable to legally fly to New Zealand, where the requirement for commercial pilots is 500 hours experience.
Australian and International Pilots Association vice-president Richard Woodward accused Jetstar of trying to make young pilots "financial prisoners of the airline".

"This program is putting a person with about the same number of hours it takes to drive a car in the right hand seat of the cockpit," he said.

"Jetstar is creating a 'B scale' for pilots because they're part-time employees."

Jetstar denied the claims and said the program provided an "excellent career opportunity. In the past, becoming a pilot has been extremely expensive and has taken many years of flying in general aviation," a spokeswoman said.

"[It] makes becoming a pilot more accessible."

Jetstar said the program, launched late last year, would "deliver enhanced safety outcomes as it is based on ensuring pilot competency, with the pilots trained in Jetstar procedures ... from day one."



Virgin Blue is Now Virgin Australia

>> Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MELBOURNE, May 4 (Bernama)-- Virgin Blue Holdings Ltd has launched the Virgin Australia brand, to eventually replace the existing three brands, as the airline aims to capture a larger slice of the business travel market.

Virgin Australia was launched in Sydney today by Sir Richard Branson and chief executive John Borghetti, with new colours, uniforms and services.

"We're planning to have the best domestic business class," Branson is reported by the Australian Associated Press as telling the launch at Sydney Airport.

"We will continue to offer competitive economy class fares," he added.

Virgin Blue is aiming to increase its share of the business market in Australia, currently dominated by Qantas Airways Ltd, to raise the yield on the flights it offers.

The airline needs to increase profitability, after saying in March that it would report a full-year loss because of rising fuel prices, the Christchurch earthquake and flooding and Cyclone Yasi in Queensland.

It is expected to report a full-year pre-tax loss of A$30 million to A$80 million.

Virgin Blue said it would spend A$30 million to A$35 million on rebranding, new uniforms and new services.

It will buy 12 to 14 new planes this year in the new all-white colour scheme with red trim.

Virgin Australia will replace the existing domestic Virgin Blue brand immediately and international brands V Australia and Pacific Blue, by year-end.

Branson said Virgin Australia would shake up the Australian travel market even more than when Virgin Blue was launched 10 years ago.


After Uncertainty, a Moment of Triumph in the Situation Room: 'We've IDed Geronimo'

The people who gathered Sunday in the Situation Room know all about high-pressure situations. But this was something else. For 40 minutes, the President and his senior aides could do nothing but watch the video screens and listen to the operation and ensuing firefight on the other side of the world. At Barack Obama's orders, special operations teams were invading the airspace of a foreign country, targeting a compound with unknown occupants, and hoping to get out unscathed. The target was America's No. 1 enemy, Osama bin Laden. But no one knew for sure if he was even there.

The President sat stone-faced through much of the events. Several of his aides, however, were pacing. For long periods of time, nobody said a thing, as everyone waited for the next update. In the modern age, Presidents can experience their own military actions like a video game, except that they have no control over the events. They cannot, and would not, intervene to contact the commanders running the operation. So when word came that a helicopter had been grounded, a sign that the plan was already off course, the tension increased. (See pictures of Osama bin Laden's Pakistan hideout.)

Minutes later, more word came over the transom. "We've IDed Geronimo," said a disembodied voice, using the agreed-upon code name for America's most wanted enemy, Osama bin Laden. Word then came that Geronimo had been killed. Only when the last helicopter lifted off some minutes later did the President know that his forces had sustained no casualties. (See pictures of people celebrating Osama bin Laden's death.)

The decision to attack had been made days earlier by the President. He gathered his senior intelligence, military and diplomatic team together in the Situation Room on Thursday afternoon to hear his options. There were already concerns about operational security. At that point, hundreds of people had already been read into the potential whereabouts of bin Laden. Any leak would have ruined the entire mission.

The intelligence professionals said they did not know for sure that bin Laden was in the compound. The case was good, but circumstantial. The likelihood, officials told the President, was between 50% and 80%. No slam dunk. Obama went around the table asking everyone to state their opinion. He quizzed his staff about worst case scenarios - the possibility of civilian casualties, a hostage situation, a diplomatic blow-up with Pakistan, a downed helicopter. He was presented with three options: Wait to gather more intelligence, attack with targeted bombs from the air, or go in on the ground with troops. The room was divided about 50-50, said a person in the room. John Brennan, the President's senior counter-terrorism adviser, supported a ground strike, as did the operational people, including Leon Panetta at the CIA. Others called for more time. In the end, about half of the senior aides supported a helicopter assault. The other half said either wait, or strike from above. (See TIME's al-Qaeda covers.)

Obama left the meeting without signaling his intent. He wanted to sleep on it. At about 8:00 a.m. on Friday, just before he boarded a helicopter that would take him to tour tornado damage in Alabama, Obama called his senior aides into the Diplomatic Room. He told them his decision: A helicopter assault. At that point, the operation was taken out of his hands. He was trusting the fate of his presidency to luck. He was putting his presidency in the hands of history.

(See TIME's Full Coverage of Osama bin Laden's Death.)

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Mariah, Nick Renew Vows in Hospital

>> Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A day after becoming parents to twins, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon renewed their vows with a hospital ceremony conducted by the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Saturday was the couple's third anniversary — and also the day when Carey gave birth to a girl and a boy in Los Angeles. On Sunday, Sharpton blessed the babies, and also presided over a ceremony where the couple renewed their vows.

Cannon tweeted words of thanks to the civil rights activist and said: "Yep we just had a wedding in the hospital!"

Sharpton tweeted that Carey looked "great" and that the babies are beautiful.

I am just leaving Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. She had twins yesterday on their 3 rd anniversary. I had prayer with them and the babies.

I also conducted the renewal of their vows and the blessing of the newborn twins. Mariah looks GREAT, and the babies are beautiful.

I am so moved by the sincere spiritual commitment of Mariah and Nick. They have not let success separate them from GOD. I am so proud.

Glad I came 2 LA 2 pray for @MariahCarey & @NickCannon twins & 2 renew their vows


My Mom's 49th Anniversary

>> Monday, May 2, 2011

05hb Mei 2011 (Ahad) merupakan ulangtahun yang ke-49 buat ibunda tersayang Remy iaitu Pn Nor Reizan Binti Che Man.

Acara sambutan ulangtahun ke-49 itu disambut meriah oleh :

- Buchek Bin Jalil (my dad)
- Mohd Ridzwan
- Siti Noor Farah
- Mohd Redza (dari jauh)
- Ema Azuin (dari jauh)
- Remy
- Nor Fadhilah
- Muhammad Rusydi (dari Perak)
- Nor Farzana
- Muhammad Rasydan
- Nur Iman Qistina

Sambutan dibuat secara mengejut tanpa diketahui oleh my mom, dan tepat pada pukul 01.20 pm semua diminta ke ruang makan dan acara dimulakan dengan meniup lilin di atas kek Choc Cheese Rasberry Cake by Secret Recipe.

Choc Cheese Rasberry Cake by Secret Recipe with "Selamat Hari Lahir Mom, 01052011"

Acara memotong kek, muka tidak kelihatan kerana belum memakai tudung (aurat tuh...)

Acara membuka hadiah pertama dari seluruh keluarga, sebuah kad yg sgt bernilai...

Acara membuka hadiah kedua, sebuah kad daripada Muhammad Rusydi yg berada di Perak. Kad buatan tangan yg membuatkan my mom terharu...

Acara membuka hadiah ketiga, beberapa helai tudung yg dihadiahkan oleh Nor Fadhilah...

Tudung yang dihadiahkan oleh Nor Fadhilah....

Nur Iman Qistina (cucu pertama dlm keluarga) yg sangat teruja dengan kek...

Si comel Nur Iman Qistina...

Acara membuka hadiah keempat, hadiah dari gabungan adik beradik iaitu sebuah beg kulit COACH yg berharga RM 3,000.00 ++

Lihatlah betapa gembiranya my mom, dihargai oleh anak-anak...

Setelah selesai acara kecil-kecilan tersebut dan semuanya kepenatan, akhirnya jadilah seperti Nur Iman Qistina di bawah ini...