Nick Talks Marriage to Mariah, the Twins

>> Thursday, May 12, 2011

TV Squad caught up with Nick Cannon to talk about life with Mariah, the controversy surrounding their new bundles of joy, his first comedy special 'Mr. Showbiz' (premieres Saturday, May 14, 9PM on Showtime), and the next season of 'America's Got Talent.'

AOL TV: Congratulations on the babies -- I feel like Mariah's been pregnant forever.
Nick Cannon:
That bums me out! Like everybody thinks she was pregnant for a long time. Why do people think that?

Well there's been so much excitement!
She made the announcement in November, and it's May now -- that's not even nine months!

We are not patient people. [Laughs] You chose two very unique names -- Monroe and Moroccan -- how did you guys pick them?
Yeah, I heard the names have been causing quite the controversy as well. [Laughs] It's funny, I always say we had our names picked out very early on -- we picked one of the names like the first date that we had. But it's kind of weird that they stayed the same. Monroe, obviously, my wife has always been inspired by Marilyn Monroe ... she bought her priceless piano and all that stuff. And I just like the idea that is was more than just naming our daughter Marilyn. I think that would've been a little too cliché. Monroe is a very strong name -- it sounds really elegant.

And then Moroccan was kind of more my pick. When you think about Moroccan, it's kind of both of our names together -- Mariah and Nick together. And I always like the name Rock. Rock Cannon. It sounded like a strong name. We also have Moroccan rooms in our houses in L.A. and in New York. I've always thought that was kind of cool ... I actually proposed to my wife in the Moroccan room in New York, so it has a lot of symbolism. We like it a lot.

I love that. Also with twins, realistically you could be done having kids now ...
Yeah, I think we are if you ask my wife. [Laughs] I keep threatening her with getting her pregnant again, and she doesn't like it. She doesn't think that's funny. I heard women are their most fertile after they have children ... [Laughs]

Well your style on stage is very fast -- you get in there, get a laugh and move on. What do you think are the funniest topics you hit on in this special?
Obviously being married to Mariah Carey. That's the hilarious topic I touch on. Everything from Kanye West to Eminem, the N-word, all that stuff. There are a few controversial things, but everything's done with a light heart.

Well you definitely aren't afraid to get personal. Does Mariah ever get mad when you share stuff like that?
Not really. I mean, she has the greatest sense of humor ever, and she knows that I'll say anything -- I don't really care. I speak my mind, and I think that's what she loves about me. As much as I can be annoying at times, I think my authenticity is appreciated.

I mean, you compare your relationship with Mariah to being like Halle Berry with Soulja Boy! At least in people's minds.
[Laughs] It is! If you think about it, some people probably see it like that. I hold my wife up high on a pedestal, and sometimes I don't give myself enough credit, so I can see how people would take it like that.



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