Mariah's Interview with Australia's "Hot 30 Countdown"

>> Sunday, December 11, 2011

Check out audio and read a transcript from Mariah's interview with Matty and Maude on Australia's "Hot 30 Countdown" last night. Thanks to MariahDownUnder for capturing the audio!

Maude: The one and only Mariah Carey! Hello!

Mariah: How are you darling?

Matty: Very good! Thank you so much for coming on! You would not believe how many women and gay men in our office fainted when we said that we were having you on our show tonight!

MC: **laughs** Only the gay men fainted? Is everybody ok? Because we don't want anyone fainting!

Matty: No, no! We sorted them all out. They're all good.

MC: Have you not been feeding them there? What's going on, Matty? What's happening with that?

Maude: Oh no no! It's just that they haven't had their fix of Mariah Carey yet. You understand. Actually, speaking of, that: The new song with John Legend. We're loving that one!

MC: Thank you so much! It's a song that I wrote for Merry Christmas II You, my second Christmas album. I wrote it last year, so finally this year it was like, ok I had my babies, there's a little bit of time. Let's see if we can do this and get this done. And we did it, and the video's gonna be done very, very soon. We shot the video already.

Matty: And now having of course, two of your own kids for Christmas, and I know how much you love Christmas: Are you just gonna go Christmas overboard this year?

MC: Well I kind of have a feeling that Nick is already going Christmas overboard with presents for them, because he gets all these gadgets, like walkers with things that make all these noises, and I'm like "Can they just learn to walk on their own? Why do they need this?" I mean, please! I mean but it's so funny. I go overboard every year with me and my friends, so...

Maude: Look I'm not exactly proud of it, but I'm a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas.


Maude: No, I just don't Mariah! And I want to ask you because I know you love Christmas so much: What have you done during Christmas and you kind of look at it and say Oooh I probably shouldn't have done that!

MC: Well if that's the case, then I did it a few years in a row. But I have actual live reindeer and Santa at the house. But you know, I know him, so that's different!

Matty: Oh you know THE Santa, right?

MC: Of course! Haven't you seen me in my videos?

Matty: Now you've also worked with another guy, and that song has been massive on the Hot 30 Countdown. The song you did with Justin Beiber. What was it like getting into the studio with him?

MC: You know, it was fun working with Justin. It was sort of like, I'm pretty sure it's the last song he did for his record and you know, he said he really liked the song and stuff like that, and he actually talked to Randy Jackson, who works with me in management now, that he wanted to do it. And I was like, "Are you guys sure that he wants to do this?" I don't know, it kind of seemed out of the blue and I was like, "OK, great!" It'd be cool because we'd be sort of giving a new life to the song, you know, cause I love, every year that song makes me feel festive and a lot of people tell me "Oh I love your Christmas music!" and blah blah blah, and it makes me really proud as a songwriter. And so the fact that he wanted to do it was really cool to me, so I was like, "Yay! Let's go!"

Matty: Now we know.. Look, Beiber's a little bit cheeky. And he has tried to hit on Rhianna in the past. He made that public.

Maude: We know he's got a girlfriend now, but did he try a little move on you?

Matty: I would have!

MC: *laughs* Oh my goodness! Now why would you even ask me that? Trying to create controversy and I already snip it out!

Matty: Oh come on Mariah! Get into the controversy spirit!

MC: Oh please! Are you kidding me? I'm not one of those people who lives for the controversy, dahling! It's Christmas! You gotta be festive!

Matty: Mariah Carey, thank you so much for coming on the show! We really, really appreciate it! ... A very merry Christmas to you and all your family!

MC: Merry Christmas to you and yours as well, and lots of love to everybody there in Australia! I hope to be there again soon! Especially during some nice weather, like around this time of year! So when I want to come back and see some friends in Australia, I'm gonna be very excited.


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