Life & Style: Mariah's Relaxing Retreat

>> Friday, April 29, 2011

Mariah Carey is the first to admit her pregnancy hasn't always been easy. Rushed to the hospital several times with premature contractions and on partial bed rest for months, the singer has faced the biggest challenge of her life trying to go full-term with twins.

But just days before welcoming a boy and girl, the mommy-to-be got the breather she needed: a babymoon at Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, Calif. "Basically it's an excuse to do something decadent before the babies arrive," Mariah tells Life & Style. "Because I've been grounded in LA for five months — which is longer than I've been in one place for a very long time — going to the spa resort for a getaway, or babymoon, was really fun and therapeutic."

Nestled on 102 lush oceanside acres that afford daily dolphin sightings — "the setting is so indescribably beautiful," says Mariah — Terranea provided a breathtaking backdrop for playing rousing games of Taboo and Catch Phrase with her pals, nibbling on tasty treats from the Spa CafĂ© and indulging in as many relaxing spa treatments as possible. "As my fans know, I love the ocean, and I love dolphins. But I never dreamed I'd be sitting fireside in a copper tub watching schools of wild dolphins passing by throughout the day!" gushes Mariah.

Pregnancy Paradise
Her favorite treatment? Watsu water-massage therapy! "It really helps to relieve the pressure on your back, which is monumental when you're pregnant with twins!" Mariah says. "The therapist actually does the massage in the water while supporting your back — it's amazing. There are so many more activities and treatments that I'll be able to do here once I'm mobile again. I'm looking forward to coming back."

But first, Mariah and hubby Nick Cannon have important family business to attend to: They can't wait to meet the twins and see their adorable faces for the first time. "It's been so hectic around our home," admits Mariah, who's had her hands full decorating the newborns' nursery. "I'm literally counting down the days till we meet the babies."

Her Last-Minute Fix
Kicking back and relaxing wasn't Mariah's only reason for taking a babymoon — essentially, the singer's been homeless during the last weeks of her pregnancy! Indeed, finding a place to sleep became imperative after Mariah decided to renovate her and hubby Nick's bedroom in LA before the babies' arrival. "It was such a letdown to come into our bedroom after staring at the gorgeous ceiling mural that Marnie Vollenhals had painted in the babies' room," Mariah explains to Life & Style. "So maybe it's a bit over-the-top, but I decided to call David to re-create Marnie's magical orangey clouds and gold stars in our bedroom."