Mariah's Contribution to "Pencils of Promise"

>> Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"A Hero Comes Along" by Mariah Carey

Hand-written in pencil, Mariah's contribution is a set of lyrics which own a place in music history. The first line of "that" chorus, five simple yet powerful words from one of her most cherished songs. These lyrics are from the song "Hero," which was written by Mariah. Be the hero that brings them to life in a whole new way, by having them help nurture the talents of children all over the world.

The Impact: This item will raise enough money to build a school that will educate seventy-five students in Ban Sanouk, Laos. Ban Sanouk hasn't had an update to their school in over seventy years, but that hasn't stopped them from teaching classes out of their old structure, homes and even outdoors. Help fifty-eight families by giving them the adequate resources for education.

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Source : Team Mariah on Twitter / Pencils of Promise