Twitter Updates : Mariah in the Studio - With Pink Hair ?

>> Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mariah tweeted a photo of herself presumably getting her hair dyed by New York stylist Kyle White:

@mariahcarey: Me+@kylecolor doing my hair a new shade. Pink yet lavander. Heee heee

Moments later, she clarified:

@mariahcarey: just kidding! Highlights: )

Regarding their session, Kyle had this to say:

@kylecolor: Love you MC! ... Check the shine in MC's hair. That's fab pregnancy hair.Thank U Dem Babies!

• Meanwhile, Jermaine Dupri has tweeted that Mariah will be in the studio with him in Atlanta this week:

@Mr_Dupri: Lifers y'all see how we starting this week off,it only gets better,Lambs exclusive! MC will be in the A this week in the studio stay pos...


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