Kevin Writer to Produce on Next Mariah Album

>> Saturday, January 14, 2012

Music producer Kevin Writer, formerly of R&B group RydazNrtisT, who opened for Mariah's 2010 Angels Advocate Tour, recently spoke with Erica Sharlette Promotions, a UK-based marketing blog. Writer talked about opening for Mariah and revealed that he will soon begin work with her on her next studio album!

ESP: "You mention a memorable moment during the track 'I Got U'. Flashback to the 'Angels Advocate' Tour, 2010. You're opening for one Ms. Mariah Carey, and about 30 rows back, you see a group of fans singing every song in your set, word for word. What was that experience like for you?"

KW: "Madison Square Garden on New Year's Eve...that was my biggest show to date and an experience I will never forget, for so many reasons but specifically, for those fans. 11,000 people plus...It was pretty hard to see from up there, but somehow I could see them! We got to go down and take pictures with them after Mariah's set, talk to them and just enjoy that interaction - it was incredible. After such an unbelievable set, to get that love and talk to them directly? The whole thing just left me so truly humbled and thankful."

ESP: "I can't not talk to you about your projects because I know you have some amazing stuff coming up. Can you tell me what you are working on? What should the UK be looking out for, from you?"

KW: "...I guess the most immediate thing though, would be that I start working with Mariah on her new album, next week."

Read the whole interview here.